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DJ's Beach Shack

Hand painted Sand Dollars

Collecting living sand dollars for the express purpose of drying them out and using them as decoration is illegal in many states. DJ’s Beach Shack only preserves sand dollars that have past on naturally and found on the shores. Live sand dollars have a greenish, or a reddish brown color and a coating of velvet texture. Dead sand dollars are gray. It’s illegal to remove a live sand dollar from the beach. Sand dollars are burrowing sea urchins that wash up on the beach and are bleached by the sun. Sand dollars look like a large silver coin, hence the moniker “Sand Dollar”. A legend about the burrowing sea urchin creatures, called the Sand Dollar, represents the story of Christ. Also, breaking open a sand dollar displays five dove-shaped pieces.

Sand dollars (also known as a sea cookie or snapper biscuit in New Zealand, or pansy shell in South Africa)
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