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Beach Pillow Mermaid Pulse


Amazing pillow for your beach adventures. DJ’s Beach Shack Pillows are manufactured using a poly coated nylon that repels water, mold, & mildew. The designs stay bright and beautiful year after year. DJ’s is environmentally conscious. We do not use waterproofing chemicals in our process. IF this pillow becomes dirty from use, a warm cloth, a bit of dish soap & a quick rinse should clean it up. Do not submerge these pillows in water. They ARE NOT a Lifesaving device.

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Beach Pillow made of poly nylon for water, mold & mildew resistance. Wet hair? Wet Suit? No problem. Water repels, sand brushes right off. Perfect for comfort at the beach while lounging and sunbathing.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 in